Our Mission


  1. Supporting the tourist establishments in Egypt with the purpose of developing their services.
  2. Working effectively through the CTE board members to take part in solving members’ possible problems when dealing with legal and legislative issues.
  3. Designing and implementing training programs for the sector employees.
  4. Providing job opportunities for graduates after giving them the relevant technical, vocational and administrative training.
  5. Participating in international tourism exhibitions and conferences.
  6. Contributing to the membership of other tourism organizations.
  7. Issuing various tourist guides, bulletins, and booklets.
  8. Contributing to the revitalization of the Egyptian tourism by means of generalizing the free price system for establishments. This kind of generalization comes in line with the liberation policy of the market mechanism.
  9. Members may sometimes face technical problems or tourist related problems or difficulties when dealing with some administrative bodies. We take upon ourselves to help members solve these problems with the utmost care and diligence.