F & Q

1- What is the documentation needed to license and register a tourist establishment?

Article number 4 of the Minister of Tourism Act number 22 of 2012:

Documents and data needed for the license of a tourism establishment

1.Required Data:
The following data should be authenticated in the license application:
1.Applicant’s full name (quadruple), nationality, educational qualifications, age, correspondence address, email, fax and telephone numbers.
2.Type of establishment applied for, specifications, specialty food and beverage –if applicable- plus the name of the establishment and the logo and trademark.
3.Manager/Managers in charge data: name, educational qualifications, correspondence address, nationality, age, previous experience, level of food safety and hygiene knowledge, relevant training courses and certificates obtained, license number –if any-
4.Address and location of the establishment, size in square meters, deed of ownership or lease agreement and estimated rental fee even if owned by applicant.
5.Number of employees expected to work at the establishment and their planned training programs.
6.Quantity, type and operating systems of electric and mechanical devices/machines used in the establishment, in addition to the kilowatt requirements.
7.The establishment’s legal form, e.g. (individual or company) and type.
8.The establishment’s total cost.
9. tools and equipment to be imported for the operation of the establishment.

2.Required Documentation:
If the applicant is a company, the following documents should be enclosed:
1. An official copy of the Memorandum of Association and summary memorandum.
2. An official copy of the company’s commercial registration.
3. A copy of the companies’ registry in which the summary memorandum is published.
4. Names, addresses and nationalities of partners.
5. Certificates of police records of all the partners and the General Manager, if Egyptian.
6. Startup budget plan, signed by a legal accountant.
3.Required Documentation:

If the applicant is an individual, the following documents should be enclosed:
1.An official copy of the tax card with the name, address and field of activity of the establishment.
2.A copy of the commercial registry with the name, address and field of activity of the company stated clearly.
3.National ID or passport number.
4.Criminal/police record documents, for Egyptians.
5.Letter of Recommendation from the diplomatic body representing foreign applicants’ country of origin.
6.Residence or work permit, for foreign applicants.

4.Required Documentation (for company or individual applicants alike):

1. Layout design (architectural drawing) of the location, including floor plans, cross sections, elevation…etc. with a scale of not less than 1:100. Layout design should include the full architectural specifications of the establishment, in addition to the site/location.
2. A general Block plan on a scale of 1:1000 at least; authenticated by a syndicate Engineer, and approved by the competent administrative authority.
Number 1 and 2 required documentation is to be submitted on CD.
3.A copy of the lease or ownership agreement, or exploitation contract and the originals for review, in addition to a statement of the rental value.
4.Telephone/Fax line contract and applicants’ email address.
5.Receipt of payments (can be presented after the applicant has been informed of the required registration payments).

2-What are the conditions/requirements for a Management License?

The General Manager(s) in charge of the tourism establishment should officially possess the following qualifications:

1. Holds a suitable educational degree.

2.Is good at one foreign language with credentials to show for it. 

3.At least three years of previous experience in the tourism sector for holders of higher education degrees, and seven years for holders of average education degrees. Experience certificates should be accredited by the CTE.

4.To be available on a full time basis.

5.To be officially certified as fully aware of the basics of Food Safety and Hygiene. 

6.To possess a legal work permit -For foreigners – 

7.For Egyptians: to possess a clean criminal record. For foreigners: to provide a Letter of Recommendation from the diplomatic body representing foreign applicants’ country of origin. 

8.One establishment is entitled for multiple Managers’ licenses, working exclusively for the designated establishment or its branches within the city. 

9.In the instance of the lack of any of the previous conditions as well as instances of death or termination of the Manager in charge of the establishment, another licensed Manager should be appointed within a period of maximum two months of the demise or termination to avoid a forced shutdown. 

10.Manager’s license is renewed only upon the approval of the licensed establishment’s owner or usufruct. 

3-What are the requirements of obtaining an entertainment license and the schedule of authorized entertainment?


4-What are the advantages of the Social Solidarity committee?

Within the framework of the CTE’s continuous efforts to serve and support its members in emergency situations, the board has supported a suggestion approved in the General Meeting dated 8 December 2014 to establish a social solidarity committee to serve tourism establishments and offer support and assistance in emergency situations, bound by the following terms and conditions:

A.Fire and Armed Robbery:
A contribution of maximum EGP 50,000, upon submitting a request with the following documents enclosed:
1.Detailed police report about the accident and its causes.
2.A statement of loss supported by the appropriate documentation such as invoices and values.
3.A copy of the latest budget with a statement of the assets.
4.The solidarity committee inspection report.
5.Inspection of fire scene must be done prior to removal of fire debris.
1.The beneficiary of a life insurance claim –whether company or individual establishment- must officially be pre designated by the establishment. For example the owner or a member of the team as stated by a legal document or to obtain an authenticated bank statement of beneficiary.
2.CTE contributes EGP 50,000 in the instance of death.

C.Medical Care – confined to in-hospital treatment-:

2.ICU – Intensive Care Unit-
Hospital bill/claim to be enclosed.
CTE contribution is 50% of the total hospital bill with a maximum amount of EGP 20,000.

D. International Fairs :

In an attempt to encourage the constant development of tourism establishments the CTE social solidarity committee contributes 25% of the registration/membership value of specialized International fairs with a maximum amount of EGP 3,000.

E.Specialized Training Programs:

In an attempt to encourage the development and upgrading of tourism establishments sector, the committee contributes 50% of the registration fees in specialized training programs with a maximum amount of EGP 3,000.


-CTE provides the committee with EGP 250,000.00 in financial support.
-50% of the CTE deposits’ interest rate.
-Each establishment must pay an annual membership rate of EGP 250 to be eligible for above advantages.
-Agreement and commitment by all members to the committee’s exact terms and conditions, as stated, is a must. Bearing in mind that this is meant to be a social solidarity fund for members and not an open general contribution.

The chamber and its board are proud to present this project to ascertain that tourism establishments are a valuable body of integrated enterprises, deserving of all possible support.

We therefore cease this opportunity to extend our sincere wishes of great success and prosperity to the solidarity committee’s carefully selected respectable members.

5-What are the CTE membership fees?
Type of membership One star Two Stars Three Stars Four Stars Five Stars
Single room membership 100 250 400 500 600
Multiple membership (more than one room)   500 800 1000 1200
Single development fee 50 125 200 250 300
Multiple development fee   250 400 500 600
Activate membership fees  


0 200 300 500
Registration fees  


0 3000 4000 6000
Membership Cards EGP 250 per card
Band EGP 1800
Managers’ Training Seminar EGP 200 per seminar
Badges EGP 500 for any establishment